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Discover How You can Buy A Home

Create A Second Income and Tax Savings, while having your mortgage payment paid for each month

Even if you have less than perfect credit and not a lot to put down

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I just finished reading your latest book, The Real Estate Loophole. The writing was easy to read, understand, and informative. While being in the business for almost 45 years, and certainly know this process,  it was still refreshing to read all the information in such an organized way. So many times we take for granted that the people we work with understand the nuances of purchasing real estate….this was truly a great refresher course for presenting all this information to my customers and clients. I will highly recommend this book to new buyers, other realtors, and those like me, just wanting to understand the multiple opportunities available.

- Harriet Charkatz, Long and Foster Real Estate

3 Financial Concerns

Most Investors and Homeowners Have...

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Income Requirements

You will learn how to be in a home that actually generates income FOR YOU and in a nicer area than you were considering. Learn how to use "other income" to qualify you for a mortgage even if you are on a fixed income or low salary.

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Credit Requirements

Did you know that you DO NOT need to have perfect credit to take advantage of this little known loophole. Even if you have a low score or had a bankruptcy -Short Sale or Foreclosure.

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Asset Requirements

Think you need a lot of money to finally own a home? Learn about programs that allow you to get in with as little as 3.5% of the purchase price and creative ways to get the money you need.

Or Does Any Of These Statements Describe Your Situation?

You are tired of renting and not having anything to show for it other than a roof over your head.

You are finding it hard to afford the rent you are paying that is consistently going up, but think you are unable to qualify for or afford your own home.

You are looking for another source of income but seem never to have enough hours in the day or another “side hustle.

You want to live in a better area of town but think you can’t afford to move.

You know that true generational wealth is often generated with real-estate investments but you just don’t know how to get started.

You have been debating whether you should buy an investment property or a first home so you take advantage of the skyrocketing prices.

You want to buy a home but think you need a lot of money and perfect credit in order to get a mortgage.

You are living on a fixed income which is not keeping up with the cost of living and rental rates you currently see or you own your own home and can’t afford the large jump in property taxes, insurance costs, and maintenance on your current income.

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If yes, then this book will help you finally own the home of your dreams while others make your payments.

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In this book you will discover how ORDINARY AMERICANS are creating:

Additional Sources of Income

Large Tax Write Offs

Generational Wealth

and how they can finally stop renting.

This book will show you...

How To Purchase A Home AND An Investment Property With Just One Loan.

Mortgage Programs That Allow You To Put As Little As ZERO- 3.5% Down.

5 Different Ways To Get The Money You Need For Down Payment and Closing.

How To Use This Loopehole To Buy A Home In A Nice Neigherhood You Thought You Might Never Be Able To Afford.

How To Purchase A Home If You Have Less Than Perfect Credit.

Watch Brian on NBC WBAL TV discuss the current real estate market and how the Real Estate Loophole can help you Profit from it.

See What Our Readers Have To Say...

This book is a gem for an individual looking to purchase a home, and for any investor looking to get into the real estate market. It teaches you how to think, how to be smart, and how to make your money work for you. The author surely did extensive research into this book, and it is easy to read and easy to comprehend. I truly enjoyed reading it.

- NK

Wow !! This is a wonderful step by step book for getting a mortgage, EVEN if you have recently filed for bankruptcy. The book is written in very plain language and gives specific examples with illustrations that are very easy to understand. Mr. Sacks has provided a valuable tool for those of us who thought it would be IMPOSSIBLE to ever get a mortgage again, after filing for bankruptcy. The ideas within this book apply to a vast array of people with varying circumstances. Mr. Sacks has an excellent grasp of the mortgage process and has made this very difficult and confusing process SIMPLE for the rest of us. I followed the advice within the book and was recently approved for a mortgage, after I had been told by countless individuals that it would take me at least another five years !! This is a great read and well worth the money

- ttilson

This book is a powerful tool for anyone who dreams of buying a home but worries that they won't qualify because of credit problems. Everyone knows how important their credit report is, but this book actually tells you WHY, and even HOW TO IMPROVE your rating. The whole process of buying a home is so confusing and so many people fell like they are at the mercy of the lenders. This book is truly a Step-by-Step guide that gives the buyer all the information they need to understand and even have some control in the process. Knowledge is power and Mr. Sacks puts so much easy to understand and practial information in this book that even if you don't have credit issues, what you learn by reading his book is invaluable for anyone wanting to buy a home.

- Cslack

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Why I Wrote This Book...

Owning a home is the true fulfillment of the American dream yet many Americans are still renting because of myths they have heard about getting a mortgage.

Over the past 35 plus years I have helped over 5200 families and individuals realize their dream of owning their own homes and creating generational wealth.


There truly is a way to own your own home and have an investment property all with one transaction. Best of all this little used program will allow you to generate large income tax write offs while generating additional income you can use to support your lifestyle.

But the BIGGEST benefit of this little known opportunity is that it allows you to have others actually pay for your mortgage each and every month.

But few talk about this little known opportunity to create financial freedom.

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But few talk about this little known opportunity to create financial freedom.

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Get These Awesome bonuses too for FREE

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Use these calculators to see what your comfort levels are on different homes. You can also see how just adding a little more to your payments each month can help you accelerate your mortgage payoff and increase your wealth.

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This special report created by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is designed to help consumers avoid mortgage scams. It is full of practical information you can use to protect yourself and understand your rights as a consumer.

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This special report will provide you with the information you need to make great investment decisions.

You will also learn how to determine the correct rental rates and other financial milestones that will ensure your success creating true Generational and Personal Wealth in Real Estate and avoiding the big mistakes that cost you money.

Here's What You Will Get

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The Real Estate Loophole Ebook................................................................ Value $97

Bonus # 1 Real estate calculators .............................................................. Value $97

Bonus #2 Home Loan Toolkit........................................................................Value $97

Bonus #3 Real estate investing for Beginners Guide................................ Value $47

The Real Estate Loophole Ebook....Value $97

Bonus # 1 Real estate calculators ..... Value $97

Bonus #2 Home Loan Toolkit....Value $97

Bonus #3 Real estate investing for Beginners Guide..... Value $47

Total Value $338

Normal Price $57


I have seen 1000's of families realize their dream of owning their own home. Now it's your turn.

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About The Author

Brian Sacks is a nationally known mortgage and real-estate expert.

Since 1985, he has closed over 5,325 mortgage transactions totaling over $1 Billion in production.

Locally, Brian has been awarded the Greater Baltimore Board of Realtors coveted affiliate of the year award.

He has authored courses for the Mortgage Bankers Association of America and has written for numerous industry publications. Brian has conducted classes for Realtors and Realtists in the Baltimore area for over 2 decades and has authored courses approved for Realtors and Realtists continuing credit accreditation.

He has appeared on over 43 radio stations as a mortgage expert as well as ABC, NBC, CBS, and Comcast TV. He has also been featured in and written for the Baltimore Sun, Baltimore Business Journal as well as the Daily Record as a mortgage financing and Real Estate expert.

Some Of The Happy Reviews About Our Work

Brian assisted me through the very complicated 203(k) purchase, and although things didn't go as smooth as hoped. Brian and his team were always there pushing things forward. As a panicked buyer getting close to settlement, Brian would reach out to me, just to let me know that he had no news!. That may sound siily, but it meant a lot and helped me through the process. I would recommend to work with him and his team.

- Matt

Brian was very attentive. He was there via email and phone when I needed to talk to him. He is knowledgeable and assited me with other resource option for closing cost. Also, he is very easy to talk to and when I was unable to understand something he broke it down in simple words. I am very grateful.

- Echola R.

My husband and I used Brian for our first home purchase. We were happy with the service we received. Brian is very knowledgeable and was able to get us exactly what we wanted. He was very responsive and the team he works with was just amazing. Excellent service.

- Anonymous

100% Money Back Guarantee

No hoops - no hassles - no questions

You are about to discover the little known insider secrets that few lenders or real estate agents will ever share with you. Many simply do not know them.

If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase simply send us an email at [email protected] within 7 days of your purchase and we will refund every penny.

So, click the button below to get your copy now and you’ll be glad you did.

This step-by-step blueprint is available to you now as an instant download.



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101 powerful ways for legally improving your credit score + How to get local and federal grant money to buy your home

Quickly raise your credit scores and get grant money to buy your home.

In this one time combo offer you will get:

1. Report 1 : Discover little known 101 proven ways you can immediately raise your credit score. These are the strategies the credit bureaus hope you never learn.

2. Report 2: A comprehensive report on "How to get local and federal grant money to buy your home" which also includes the links and contact information you need to begin your grant search.


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